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Music Lessons and Marketing

Mar 27, 2023

Wherever there’s an opportunity for us to create or provide convenience, we seize upon it. There are certainly benefits to the in-home lesson business model, but there will always be a desire for the in-school experience.


Mar 10, 2023

At some point in your life, you will exit your music school; either by choice or by circumstance.  In this episode, I discuss how to prepare your business for that inevitable day.

Mar 1, 2023

Just because a lead goes cold it doesn't mean all hope is lost. In this episode, I share how to inspire cold leads and inactive students to re-engage and reconsider music lessons.


Feb 19, 2023

Facebook ads are a great return on your investment. The key is to continually test and shape it until it's performing the way that you hope it would.


Feb 9, 2023

The best investment you can make in yourself and in your business is self-education. In this episode, I share ways on how you can improve your marketing skills by devoting a few minutes day to self-education.