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Music Lessons and Marketing

Oct 3, 2019

The telephone is a powerful marketing tool. It brings your marketing face to face with your market. Before that first call,  your ideal customers (your market) is experiencing messages that are being broadcast by you and by their friends who talk about you. (The good and the bad)

Your brand comes to life for the first time that you and a customer are on the phone together. Sure, an email exchange is a good start, but the telephone allows you to make a connection and an impact in a way that you can’t create over email. 

 There are two kinds of marketing. 

  1. Message-based marketing. (The message you broadcast to your market)
  2. Experience-based marketing (Any moment your market experiences your service or the emotions it ignites)

A phone call connects the message to the experience. Up until this point the customer has been listening to you as they absorb your marketing language. The telephone is an opportunity for you to listen to them. It’s an opportunity to understand what they need, hope and want. It’s an opportunity to make them feel heard and understood.


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