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Music Lessons and Marketing

Jul 18, 2019

No one likes the experience of failure. It hurts, it hurts bad.  Failure often makes us feel like, well, a failure and nobody wants that.  Behind every success story is a string of multiple failures. Usually the greater the success, the more seemingly devastating the failures that led up to the triumph. 

We fear failure so much that we often fail to live our lives more fully because of it. The only way to combat fear is courage. Courage doesn't mean you're fearless. It just means that you have the belief in yourself to move ahead despite the risk, despite the reality that failure might not only happen, but that it will happen.

Failure happens all the time and there's different types of failure. The failure not to obtain any new students from a new Facebook ad. It's not crushing, but it's certainly a disappointment. Then there can be the failure to generate enough sales to make your payroll. Ouch-now that’s painful.  

Failure does create opportunity. Opportunity to learn and to grow. Failure is the greatest teacher of them all. I never received an MBA. I never studied business or marketing in any formal setting. I do, however, have enough failure under my belt to demand an honorary degree of some sort-at least a smiley face sticker.