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Music Lessons and Marketing

Dec 18, 2020

When someone lands on your website they've got one thing on their mind; private lessons. They have this fantasy of what that first lesson will look like. Little Susie is bouncing with excitement as she hops into the car to tell mom all about her first lesson. 

4 months later Susie steps out onto the stage to be greeted by applause as she walks with a brisk step over the piano. She takes a deep breath, and her fingers are off to the races as the most beautiful music dances around the concert hall.

But you have other plans for Susie. You offer a group piano class or perhaps a rock band program that you really believe in. You know that not every kid thrives in the private lesson. Especially kids as young as 7-year-old Susie.  Your group classes are social and fun and your ensembles allow kids to experience the big sound that you just can't create in a private lesson.

Your group classes really are amazing but you're having a tough time filling them. You have them listed on your website. You mention them in your newsletter but crickets. 

In this episode, I map out a strategy that will teach you how to position your group classes as an irresistible offer. 

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