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Music Lessons and Marketing

Oct 8, 2020

Why do parents sign their kids up for music lessons? To play an instrument of course.  Why is playing an instrument important to parents? Do they want their child to be the next Leonard Bernstein or Eddie Van Halen? If you can uncover your customers' core desire you can speak directly to their emotions. 

Why do parents buy music lessons? In the book Made to Stick authors Chip and Dan Heath outline a simple exercise that you can do to reveal your customer's core desire.
In this episode, I apply this exercise to music lessons to reveal the real reason why parents sign their kids up for music lessons.
Every parent is different with their own unique desires. I have a feeling that there are some common emotional drivers for most parents when it comes to music lessons. Hint: it ain't about playing an instrument. It's much more personal and more emotional. Try not to cry while listening to this episode. :-)

A big thank you to our sponsors Piano Jam and Rock Out Loud Live.