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Music Lessons and Marketing

Aug 27, 2021

In 1997 Apple forever changed the world of marketing in a 30-second commercial, "Think Different". The commercial wasn't about their products. Instead, it was an inspirational and motivational message.

The commercial was a massive success and Apple's sales skyrocketed. The world of marketing would never the...

Aug 20, 2021

There are two ways to fix your marketing problems. 

  1. Targeting 
  2. Messaging

Fixing your targeting is a relatively quick fix. But messaging requires a little work. Marketing works best when you appeal to your ideal customer's heart first. You can achieve this by showing a customer what their child's life will look like...

Aug 17, 2021

In this episode, Jonny Wilson shares more insights into how he built a music school with 2,000 students in part II of this 2-part series. 

Aug 13, 2021

2,000 students? Is that really possible? Yes, it is! In part I of this two-part series, Jonny Wilson shares some of his secrets as to how he went from 1 student to 2,000. Jonny has now made his strategies and tactics for exponential business growth in his Build a Music School program. 

Visit and...

Aug 4, 2021

Making the leap from a solo music instructor to a multi-teacher studio is an ambitious step. You need more than faith to successfully make this leap. You need a plan. 

In this episode, I speak with music studio owner, Jason Thompson who plans on taking his teaching business from his house to a storefront.