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Music Lessons and Marketing

May 27, 2022

As the owner of your music school, your customers value having a close connection to you. As your music school grows it becomes more of a challenge to have a close connection with each customer. In this episode I share some ways to make each of your customers feel appreciated and heard. 

May 20, 2022

A lot of people think of marketing and advertising as the same thing. Think of advertsing as the jet fuel for your marketing.

May 12, 2022

In this episode I look 5 marketing statements that perhaps 70- 80% of music schools make that I believe have little to no impact on a prospective customer.

May 2, 2022

In this episode I share how one music school uses story telling as a powerful marketing strategy. The internet is a noisy world and grabbing and holding people's attention is the name the of the game. Story marketing is a great way to cut through the noise online so your message can be heard loud and clear.