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Music Lessons and Marketing

Jun 23, 2021

We all have our opinions about contractors vs employees. In this week's show, I speak with an employment attorney Dan Messeloff to look at the legal implications of contractors. I was surprised to learn just how risky it is to run a music school with contractors.
The contractor model can work great for a smaller music studio built around the owner as a full-time teacher and 1 or 2 other instructors each doing their own thing. Contractors can begin to create friction in your music studio if you try to scale and streamline your operations and product.
Each state has its own levels of leniency and enforcement, but wouldn't you rather have the peace of mind knowing that you are running your business in step with the law?
The biggest problem with contractors as music teachers is that your music teachers are your product. Your music teachers deliver the lesson and form an emotional bond with your customers.
Uber and FedEx had legal headaches due to contractors being responsible for the delivery of their products. Uber and FedEx have the cash on hand to fight these legal battles. Most music schools don't.
If you want to lead your music school without limitations, if you want to make good on your brand promise, if you want to scale your business, if you want to be 100% in sync with the law speak to your attorney about making the shift to employees.